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The acronym OSPD 4 is very familiar to any scrabble player and it stand for the official scrabble players dictionary it was developed by the Canadian and American English players who frequently play the scrabble game. It was developed by the national scrabble association in 1978 is an authority used in scrabble tournaments. It is a great way to standardize the game since various dictionaries may have different definition of the same word. Its development led to a great reduction in the arguments and doubts players may find themselves in when playing the game. It has made the game a much more fun and calm experience especially for new players and the amateurs.


This is what describes the list of words that is used in a scrabble in most countries around the world. It is a combination of the OSPD and the OSW, which were the original sources. The combination of the wordlist helped a great deal in the agreements on acceptable words during tournaments. It meant that when the participants were using a set list of words then there would be no disagreements or misunderstanding on what is accepted. This brings a lot of sanity into the game. Though it is not used by all countries it is still an accepted reference.


The tournament world list is a list of words that is used in scrabble tournaments and it acts as the official word authority during tournaments. The list was only available to national scrabble players and it did not include definitions this was done to avoid controversies. The combinations made to the list and the modifications made were meant to make the tournaments stress free and free from disputes. This ensured that the winner won fair and square and no future claims could be made in regards to the authenticity of words used. The TWl is complemented by other lists and dictionaries around the world depending on the agreements reached by the players.


The Acronym stands for Collins scrabble words it is a great way to settle any disputes that you may have when playing the scrabble board game with your friends and family. It is compiled from the largest word database the Collins corpus and it is the most reliable list ever compiled in the game of scrabble. The list contains over a quarter million of words hence the previous relevant squabble on permissible words have now been reduced to a bare minimum. The list has greatly improved the game of scrabble because it is now a fun and relaxed way to spend time with your friends while playing for those taking it on a professional level it has become more professional with a standard list of words.


This is the official reference point for the French scrabble version. It helps standardize the permissible words among the French players. It is a great way to settle any disputes arising in French scrabble games it is also a great way of giving the game some professional outlook. The ODSS also ensures that the same rules are applied across the board in scrabble tournaments and the players feel that they are fairly judged. It means that there are no unpleasant surprises in the permissible words and there are no unnecessary arguments on what is right and what is wrong. So the next time you want to play the French scrabble the ODSS is your ultimate reference point.